Jalón Ángel Archive

Institución perteneciente a la Universidad San Jorge, Zaragoza, España. Como principal objetivo tiene salvaguardar, estudiar, dar a conocer y poner en valor la obra de uno de los fotógrafos más destacados en España del siglo XX.  

The IV International "Jalón Ángel" Photography Awards goes to Asia (see the original article)


The IV International “Jalón Ángel” Photography Awards has its anual winners: Debdatta Chakraborty (India), in Portrait cathegory, and Nity Jannatul (Bangladesh) in Travel section. The winners will be awarded with 1000€, a commemorative sculpture and a diploma.

In this fourth edition the Jalón Ángel’s Photographic Archive has received more than 2200 participations. The photographs have come, among other examples, from Spain, Turkey, Ukraine, United Kingdom, Russia, Iran, Indonesia, Jordan, Israel, Syria, Palestine, Vietnam, Japan, China, Thailand, Malaysia, Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, Cuba, Colombia, the United States and Australia and Mozambique.

About the winning photograph in the Portrait category, titled Rammami, the Jury has highlighted the technique and the force transmitted through the gaze of the protagonist of the image, as well as the feeling that projects with it, that is, the psychological introspection. The author, Debdatta Chakraborty from Kolkata (India), is an amateur photographer from India who, according to his definition, likes to travel, tell stories and make known the unknown faces. In addition, he is a Himalayan hiker. It is registered within the National Geographic page.

Regarding the winning image in Travel category, the Jury has highlighted the angle of the shot, the point of view used to portray a moment of work between several people in Manikganj (Bangladesh), as well as its composition and rhythm, showing a distant culture to the Occidental and highlighting the trip that is projected in the photo entitled Work Hour. The photographer, Nity Jannatul from Dhaka (Bangladesh) is specialized in travel. She studied photography at the South Asian Media Institute in Pathsala. She has participated in several national and international competitions and is focused on capturing natural phenomena and beauty. In 2017 she received the CIEP HM award in the international exhibition “Campina exhibition-2017″. And some international journals have published her work.

In this fourth edition of the award, the Jury has wanted to make two special mentions for each category. In the portrait section the Jury has recognize the image of Sadiel Mederos Bermúdez (Santa Clara, Cuba) entitled Isla, for his creativity, the composition and the use of reflection in the water. The second mention goes to the portrait taken by Jesús Blasco de Avellaneda (Melilla) entitled Mariam, slave of the border, for the environmental and documentary force transmitted with this image taken in Chinatown, on the border between Morocco and Melilla.

In the category of Travel have also received special mention the photographs of Teo Liak Song (Johor, Malasya), Colorful Market, for the play of colors and lights that shows a social contrast, where shines more light in the most disadvantaged area, and the image of Javier Arcenillas (Madrid), Uyuni, for the composition, the point of view and the technique used to make this image of Uyuni, a salt flat located in Bolivia.

In addition, the winners of this IV International Photography Award have, as a novelty, the gift of a bronze and iron sculpture by the artist Jesús García Gazol. This is an original work, created for the Jalón Ángel’s Archive, with a limited, numbered and certified print certificate. 

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